Sewage & Sump Pump Cleaning, Drying in Bradford, Rhode Island, 2808, 800-867-1240

At Extreme Water Damage in Bradford, Rhode Island our professionally trained crews and staff have been doing all phases of sewage clean up and restoration for more than 25 years. Our staff is trained and IICRC certified, with experience in all sewage damage cleanup services. We have all the equipment needed to contain any area and start removal of sewage cleanup and dry out your property for you. Clean up should always be done by professionals due to all the bacteria and health risks that are associated with exposure. We are always on call for any “black water” flood you may be experiencing from a sump overflow. Call us at 800-867-1240 with any sewage cleanup or restoration job. 


Septic flood disasters and sub pump failures can be caused by many things especially; heavy rainfall, toilet overflow or broken pipes . These sewage floods classification can vary between 3 and 4  are usually at a category 3 also not all flood damages are covered by homeowners insurance so if you find that you don’t have coverage we do do work out payment plans depending on the situation. But if you have insurance, we can submit an estimate to you adjuster and save you that headache. We will work with you and your insurance company. If you need any sewage cleanup call us  24/7 @ 800-867-1240.


If you find a back up in your home or business please do not wait, time is important in matters like these, there are many health hazards to you and your pets. Do not try to deal with these issues on your own call the experts. We will extract any standing sewage with truck mounted extraction units and smaller more portable dehumidifiers and pumps that we may place around the structure. We have other high-tech equipment that can be used dependent upon the amount of sewage.  We will have our trained technicians come in and remove the damaged materials in the structure and dispose of them properly. Our technicians will address every aspect of the sewage cleanup process. Contact us with any job you have, we are available 24/7 @ 866-287-0982.


Storms and extreme weather conditions are a commonly known causes of category 3 flooding, known to be hazardous to your health. Extreme Water Damage in Bradford, Rhode Island can ease any of your suffering after a sewage damage, we are an all inclusive company that wants to give you  the reassurance that your damage cleanup will be taken care of by one of our well trained experience technicians. Our staff constantly strives to make you another one of our happy clients. Our teams are your solution, contact us at 800-867-1240 with any sewage damage you suffer from.  


Restoration companies come and go but at Extreme Water Damage in Bradford, Rhode Island we have more than two decades of experience in all disaster restoration services. Our reputation is important to us and we have had many testimonials showing we are industry leaders in sewage cleanup. Your home or business is the largest investment you will ever make so trust the company that can do every aspect of your sewage restoration job within the most reasonable time frame with the best results. Contact us immediately after you suffer from any emergency sewage disaster to avoid any secondary damages at 800-867-1240.

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